3 Types Of Waste That Can Be Recycled

What have you been doing with your household waste all this time? Perhaps some of us are used to throwing it away without sorting it out again. There may be some waste that can be recycled. Some types of waste after going through the recycling process can make money. For non-recyclable waste, we can call expert junk removal Los Angeles service to manage it.

So, what kind of household waste can you use again? Come on, see the following review!

1. Egg cartons can be used as planting media
What do you do with the cardboard boxes that were used for egg containers? Collect it and throw it away or burn it? Do not just burn because it can cause air pollution as well as disturb neighbors.

Even though you can turn an egg cardboard box into a planting medium, you know! Take advantage of this egg container cardboard as a medium for growing microgreens. Simply add the soil and husk mixture to each hole of the box, then sow the microgreen seeds. Once the microgreens have been harvested, you can reuse the same box multiple times.

2. The calico cloth is turned into an eco bag
Is there a calico cloth used in wheat flour at home? Don’t be in a hurry to get rid of it, okay? You just need a little creativity to turn calico fabric into something of value. For example, turning calico fabric into an eco bag.

Yes, eco-bags. An eco-friendly bag that you can use over and over again. Besides you can use it for shopping, you can also sell it and make extra money. Imagine, only with a used cloth and you can add cash income.

3. A calico cloth for storing foodstuffs
In addition to turning it into an eco bag, you can also recycle calico fabric into mini bags or small bags. This mini bag can later be used as a food storage container to replace the role of plastic bags.

As for the food ingredients that you can store in a calico mini bag, only dry food ingredients include beans, rice, and pasta. Wow, it’s safe for the environment, you also help the earth breathe freely from piles of garbage.