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Factors that drive the immigration happens

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When talking about the migration of the population will always be related to the place/region, time as well as the outgoing and incoming. In the scope of places ranging from the smallest administrative scope such as the village to the movement between countries. Also in terms of time, ranging from one day to a long time. Here is an explanation about the Immigration Factor. Meanwhile, you can also hire Adan Vega to solve all of your immigration problems.

Factors driving immigration

Here are some of the pull factors that drive migration:

There is a sense of superiority in a new place or an opportunity to enter that job

Opportunity to get the better income.

Opportunity to get a higher education.

The pleasant environment and living conditions, for example, climate, housing, schools, and other community facilities.

The pull of the expected person as a refuge.

The existence of activities in big cities, places of entertainment, cultural centers as an attraction for people from the village or small town.

Generally, migration can be divided into two parts:

International migration is the movement of people from one country to another.

Internal migration is a movement that takes place within a country such as inter-provincial, inter-regional migration, rural to urban migration, and so on.

Type of Immigration

In migration is the entry of the population into a destination area.

Out-migration (migration) is the movement of the population out of a region of origin.

Net migration is the difference between the number of inward migration and outbound migration.

Gross migration (total gross migration) of inbound migration and outbound migration.

Total migration is an entire incidence of migration, including life-long migration and home migration.

International migration is the migration of people from one country to another.

Lifelong migration (lifetime migration) Is a migration based on birthplace, are those who at the time of census enumeration reside in a different area from their place of birth.

Migration stream The number or number of displacements occurring from the origin to the destination for a certain period of time.

Urbanization (urbanization) Increase in the proposition of people who live in urban areas caused by the process of migration to the city and or the result of city expansion.