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How To Avoid Clogged Drainage

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One of the causes of flooding is poor drainage or river silting so that the water from the rain cannot flow smoothly downstream. In a smaller scope, flooding can also occur due to clogged gutters. However, usually floods due to clogged sewers will not cause big losses like floods due to blocked river flows. However, flooding is certainly undesirable, especially if flood water enters the house. Make sure you call how much does sewer line repair cost service if you find any problem with your drainage or sewer line. Well, that’s why you need to know some ways so that the gutter in front of your house doesn’t get clogged in the rainy season.

1. Don’t Throw Garbage in the Sewer

The first and obvious thing to do is not to throw trash in the gutter. Sometimes some people think that throwing out small trash, such as dry leaves or plastic will not be able to clog the gutters because the garbage will be carried away by the flow of water. Any kind of trash, including dry leaves or plastic can clog the gutters as the number continues to grow and pile up together at one point.

2. Install Gutter Grill

Do you know what that means? The gutter grill is in the form of an iron grille that is placed above the gutter to prevent any objects or garbage from entering the water channel. Sometimes, even though it has been disposed of in its place when the wind is blowing hard, it is also possible that small trash such as leaves or plastic bottles will be carried away by the wind and into the gutter. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, a grill gutter can be used. However, installing a grill gutter also requires additional costs. However, the installation of these objects will make the gutter look neater and more attractive.

3. Cleaning the Sewer

Next is cleaning the gutter, so it doesn’t get clogged when it rains heavily. Cleaning here doesn’t mean just picking up trash that is in the gutter, but also dredging the ditch so that it gets deeper and the water flows smoothly because the silting of the sewer can also be another cause behind the clogged drain.